2017 Aspirations

At Christmas we wish each other the best for the new year. Each year, we explain the dread of the year before without really understanding the lessons it has taught us.
[caption id="attachment_39" align="alignright" width="342"]Aspire Aspirations…[/caption]
Without understanding why the last year is horrible, how is it even possible to distill a hope or dream for the next year.  If we could just work out why the year was so horrible then we might have a chance have recognizing what to change in our new reality.
What do you aspire to achieve in 2017… we at Chill Technology are aspiring to change the way we do things. As from the 1st January 2016, we will be blogging hints and tips on how to change our realities – please keep in mind we are merely human and are learning too.
Any information within these blogs are a matter of opinion derived from personal experiences. Take from them what you will 🙂