Hypno Techno

Woah, 2017… finally a clean new year.  I have spent most of the day resting, and watching TV! Something I don’t do very often… I’ve literally only spent a few moments looking at a screen that needed more input than reward.

My reward for watching my TV is simple, I don’t need to think.

This morning I popped out of my room and the TV was on. Without paying it too much attention, I sat and watched. not even 4 minutes later an Ad came on and it made me feel quite hungry. Nec Minit we found ourselves doing the one thing the TV told me to, and that was to eat some yummy foods! TV didn’t tell me to do it, but it did make me feel hungry and that is exactly what advertisers, and marketeers intend by putting yummy looking food on TV (and radio, and in magazines, and on websites etc etc etc).

SO! If it’s possible for technology to influence our human minds, why can’t we influence our own human mind? Why is it possible for us to decide something based on what we’re told by someone and / or Things but it’s not possible to make a decision about our lives and.. stick with it!?

[caption id="attachment_134" align="alignright" width="598"]Believe Systems Believe Systems[/caption]

Essentially, yep! It’s all about Belief Systems. Believe you can, and you will, believe someone else is right, and it will happen, but if you don’t believe in anything, you are easily manipulated and susceptible for anything that comes up. Is that you? Are you the one who says “Why does this happen to me?”

If you would like help with manifesting your own belief system, and creating your own reality, feel free to contact me… I can help you with a once off hypnotherapy session, or a simple manifestation coaching session.

Speak soon! 🙂