Happy New Year

I’m not all that crazed about new years eve…. I┬álove the fireworks, but if it was possible for me to work in a fireworks factory, there’d be no factory left for anyone to enjoy.

End of an Era – 2016 has been rough on everyone around me. Including myself. There was an idea of how things should have gone, and then life happened. But I cannot let this effect my future.

We all need to manifest what we want in life, rather than making excuses – the constant argument with ourselves really makes id difficult to create the perfect reality we all deserve.

This year (2017), I am going to invest the best part of my time on myself. WHile others may consider this rude, or inconsiderate, there is no me helping you, without… ME! So, Join me… let me know how I can help you to help yourself.

[caption id="attachment_129" align="alignright" width="650"]Change the World Change the World[/caption]

Say YES to yourself, and not no to everyone else.