The last few days has been pretty busy. Trying to deal with so many things in my diary as well as those small contingencies – what to do when everything happens at once type contingencies.

Had a few people ask me about online security lately and it really made me think about my worlds’ children. Who is watching them, who are they chatting to? Where are they learning technology from, and who is setting their priorities and intention? is dedicated to Smart Socialising – using a blog environment, it gives everyone safety forum for using social networking sites and information sharing.  It’s important to keep our children safe.

Connect Safely with others on Social Media.

The majority of people don’t know what most of these icons below mean. Some people use these social networking and marketing tools constantly to advertise their businesses and causes. They’re linking in and exposing all…

Now, with all the security warnings online these days, you’re not going to listen to lil old me. A golden secret here, I don’t listen to it myself, and I have a simple reason. Why? Using common sense, and no influence from anyone else…  ask yourself these few questions:

  1. If you do something wrong by yourself, who would feel bad?
  2. If you do something wrong by someone else, who would be effected?
  3. If someone else was to do something wrong by you, how would you feel?
  4. If someone else was to do something wrong by someone else…

How are these answers different in every day life, than via a keyboard and screen. Phones, laptops, tablets and even the fridge is a forum for these questions to be asked.  Is it ok to take pictures of a school at home time from your car? Similarly, is it ok to record videos of kids coming out of class on your mobile phone? Media advertising – television, radio, newspapers, news sites etc are all managed with strict guidelines. I’m a fan of freedom of speech, but I honestly don’t want to be insulted any more than anyone else online… so… simple? Be mindful of what comes through your fingers, the same as you would in a police station….

Stay Tuned for more tomorrow 🙂

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