wow, so, who made the school holidays at the same time as tax time!

After a little research, I realized that there are so many things happening, and it was better to share those ‘google search results’ than to recreate the wheel – yep, even the master needs to back off a little and go with the ride.

So, I googled “what to do in SA school holidays”

Adelaide School Holidays July 2020

Want more? Try this site:  25 things to do in Adelaide these school holidays with your grandkids amazing for the grand parents… auntys & uncles too 😉

It’s also great to be able to stay at home and do little things – if you don’t mind a little mess, why don’t you try finger / hand painting? You can get a tube of pain (i mean paint) for $2 at Cheap As Chips 😉 I Love painting!

I really like this: : This website is for all year round and there is a Winter School Holiday guide on there at the moment too 🙂

Oh, I used to LOVE BALLS! It’s not always possible to go to places where there are lots of balls, but who said you can’t go to a cheap shop and get a couple of balls yourself. Light balls are great for in the bath, or even if you have a small room in the house – take all the breakables out, and lettem loose, you know wannna too.

How about this one: Also a great website for things happening all year around, and other special holidays. Wow, how exciting.

I am interested to see what you & the kids are up to these school holidays. Don’t forget to comment below, flick me an email or like me on social media 🙂

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