Oh Yeah! Even coaches have these moments.

I couldn’t sleep, so I thought, what else could I do to resolve what was on my mind, so I got up and decided to watch some meaningless TV. The universe has its way of solving these situations, or enhancing the emotions surrounding them. Yep, hence the *face2palm* moment.

I remembered my training as an NLP Practitioner, and giggled to myself while I was watching an episode of Lucifer. Realising that we are on this earth to have a human experience, it dawned on me that the last few months have been excruciatingly difficult for me and I have only made it worse, no-one else, but myself. The words that one says within their own mind, should match what they are externally to clients – right? *face2palm* again.

So, what is it keeping me up, you ask? Well, that’s another story, and one I’ll gladly laugh about when it’s all over….

Instead, I wanted to talk about how we get in the way of our own success. Inevitably, we encourage stress and anguish over setting goals and targets. Smaller milestones are even the simplest to achieve, but instead, it is easier and habitual that we look for excuses. It makes me sad knowing that an individual with so much potential can use Mental Health as an excuse these days and it achieves nothing.

Instead of lookup at a beautiful blue sky, it seems easier to gloom over our debts, our dis-abilities and some even use the weather as a reason to stay in bed. Is this the way the world wants to go? Sad, yeah? Oh ok, 1 more facepalm image and I’ll get to my point…

Now! Some people have heard me babble on about Cause v Effect, or even “throwing out the trash”. Both of these are important in our day to day lives. I recently heard someone use their mental health as a reason for their illicit drug addiction and it made me wonder what I had missed. A controlled substance, is controlled for a reason, right? Yes, i thought so. Then the question I was struggling with was, why would it be alright for this person to use mental health as an excuse to cause harm to others? Especially if the others they are causing harm to, also had mental illness and they were trying to do something good for the community!

Essentially, it is the reason for using the facepalm in the first place. Balance. If there is no bad, there can be no good. If there is no teacher, there is no student and if there is no stupid, there cannot be any reason for using the facepalm.

Cause V Effect has its purpose in our World, and it is to simplify the answer. By living by Effect, we are waiting for someone to constantly show their awareness of our existence, we’re not living in the moment and we wait for someone to guide us in our lives so we can blame others and rely on others to live our lives.

Once we can accept responsibility for our actions, we completely cease to rely on the facepalm and grasp at opportunities and possibilities.

So, instead of facepalming it next time, check out this next facepalm and do it with a smile. Think of how silly that thing WAS and how you could learn from it and keep going

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