There’s MORE to say after “R U OK!” – always.

Yesterday was International R U OK? Day and we at Chill Technology set ourselves the simple challenge of asking at least 100 people if they are OK in the hope to instigate at least 10 conversations. Well, we made it to well over 100, in fact 140 people were deliberately asked and much more was mentioned out on social media and in passing. We recieved an astonishing 27 ‘NO’ Responses and of those 22 were referred to get further help. It’s astounding results, and pride is definitely not the word surrounding this experiment.

2 Coaching sessions were given away – 40 minutes of NLP, Hypnosis & Simple Reiki at the value of $85 – to 2 people who really needed it. I wish I could do more for those who are in mental and physical pain, experiencing loss of a loved one, or are termanlly ill. The truth of the matter is: we do not talk nearly enough to the humans in our space.



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