Earlier this year I was pleased to recieve an email promoting Internet Security for KIDS! YES! At last, someone looking out for the little people. I was super intersted in reading their blog, and we all know how I am not a fan of re-inventing wheels. Check it out here:

More and more, we consider technology to be the best babysitters, however, the flipside is also true today. I would love to know the actual statistics about those less than adults using technology for entertainment instead of as a tool. I know, I was one of those. Our first family computer arrived in the form of a Commodore 64 and We had to program the games before we could play them – Ouuuuuu Carmen Sandiego!

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Studies by the Australian Buereu of Statistics in 2017 showed that Screen-based activities, including TV, Internet or screen based games on phones, consoles and tablets; are the most popular activities for children after school hours. Reading for fun is another good pass time however, not as popular at approximately 5 hours per week. True! check out the Link here.

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BE SAFE These holidays. Ensure your kids are aware of the dangers on the Internet and on their screen time usage. Technology will never replace REAL TIME activities and it is very important for kids to learn life skills, like whizzing a bucket in circles, and how far mud can travel if you jump in it. Yes, you will need to wash their clothes, maybe a little more often, but at least they are absorbing some valuable information that YouTube cannot help with.

Remember – your kids are looking for mental stimulation, not entertainment. Just because you don’t have time to give into all their needs, it doesnt mean some stranger on the internet does. Be Safe and watch what your kids are doing.

If you are looking for some kid friendly activities these Christmas / School holidays, feel free to make contact here or by any of the socials.

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