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Earlier this year I was pleased to recieve an email promoting Internet Security for KIDS! YES! At last, someone looking out for the little people. I was super intersted in reading their blog, and we all know how I am not a fan of re-inventing wheels. Check it out here:

There’s MORE to say after “R U OK!” – always. Yesterday was International R U OK? Day and we at Chill Technology set ourselves the simple challenge of asking at least 100 people if they are OK in the hope to instigate at least 10 conversations. Well, we made it to well over 100, in … Continue reading R U OK?

Thanks to our wholesaler, I am aware of the statistics of SMB (Small to Medium sized Business) that are using technology over 4 years old. You may think “woah, hold-up, that’s not old”, but in human years, it’s not! In technical years, you are barely holding onto any form of reality.

I grew up knowing ‘things’ and ‘stuff’. I knew these things because I was raised with a certain belief structure and core value system. Just like I know my name isn’t “oi you”. It took me a while, a LIFETIME, to understand that these belief systems are there as a guide, and not to follow … Continue reading Belief Structure

Oh Yeah! Even coaches have these moments. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought, what else could I do to resolve what was on my mind, so I got up and decided to watch some meaningless TV. The universe has its way of solving these situations, or enhancing the emotions surrounding them. Yep, hence the *face2palm* … Continue reading Face2Palm Moment