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I grew up knowing ‘things’ and ‘stuff’. I knew these things because I was raised with a certain belief structure and core value system. Just like I know my name isn’t “oi you”. It took me a while, a LIFETIME, to understand that these belief systems are there as a guide, and not to follow … Continue reading Belief Structure

“Ill do it tomorrow” “It is not that bad” “Nothing bad will happen” Caring for the world takes plenty of strength. Passion for the journey is magical. But what happens if the world rejects your care and the journey is blocked by huge obstacles that just wont shift? Being the strong person for everyone doesn’t … Continue reading Making Change

wow, so, who made the school holidays at the same time as tax time! After a little research, I realized that there are so many things happening, and it was better to share those ‘google search results’ than to recreate the wheel – yep, even the master needs to back off a little and go … Continue reading SA School Holidays