Chill… The Technologist…

Established in May 2000, I started Chill Technology as a hobby Desktop Publishing business while I was working as a Receptionist / Office Assistant at a local Real Estate company. I created hand printed business cards and forms for small enterprises, and really didn’t do it for the money.   I really enjoyed creating the real estate magazines and brochures, having tight deadlines to get the zip drives to the print house for the local newspaper made me feel great! I learned about colour schemes. Displaying these pictures and making the houses gave a special feel to the role I was in.

I started to maintain the printers, and fix the computers when they broke down. To the point where I didn’t care what I was printing, as long as it was printing perfectly! This is when I stepped out of Real Estate and headed into the world of Support.

Small Business
  • Office Technology Setup
  • Cloud Migration
  • Process Development
  • Technology Improvement
  • Technology Maintenance
Support Subscriptions
This premium desktop support package is ideal for Small to Medium Sized businesses. It comprises of Cost + 10% Products and Services within a Service Level Agreement term. Easy monthly payments to allow for the best turn around.
Desktop & Laptop
Sales & Services
  • Computer Health Checks
  • Software & Data Migration
  • Data, Software & OS Restoration
  • Virus, Malware Removal
  • Issue Resolution
Contactless Service
The world today is different to how it was only a few years ago. Simply order your technology online and have it delivered to your door. Get support without leaving your home.
Mobile Device Repairs
Phone, Tablet, Laptop
  • Screen Replacement
  • 7 DAY Turnaround
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Refurbished Swap Available
30 Day Warranty
Pickup and Drop Off services available.