Who Is Chill?

Who is Chill Technology

Chill Technology & Essence of Chill is a Holistic program dedicated to inner health and being awesome! My name is Nadia Bakhos.

For a long time I got up, went to work, did my time, came home and listened to what I was meant to do, how I was meant to do it, what I was meant to achieve, and how much I was meant to pay. Life for me was a service that I needed to provide for everyone else around me – this made me happy… For a long time, I was a slave to myself.

My spiritual awakening – the thing that made me question ~ why I was living this way ~ came at a pivotal time in my life where I could literally not take the borders of the box any more… Enlisting in a few online courses, then investing in myself, listening to what I was drawn to, and finally learning my own life lessons, chose the path less travelled. I had two options were to continue, and slowly bury myself and my soul, or learn a better way.

Chill with Me…

If you need to escape the clutches of Corporate Trickery, or need help with recreating yourself, please speak with me…