Unconscious mind is an amazing tool we have as human beings. It remembers everything. Since a very young age, I have been simply fascinated with the mind, and how we’re controlled by memories and external influences… jealousy, envy, determination, wants and needs…

Do you have lifetime issues? Do you feel like you need to change something, but don’t know what or how? Let’s work on that together.

I use Hypnosis as a therapy even though there are others who use it for entertainment purposes. If you’re curious but not serious about the results that can be achieved with Hypnotherapy, please have another thought about it. I am more than willing to refer you to someone who can entertain you if that is what you desire.

Take a chance on yourself. I can help you with whatever belief system you have instilled – need to quit smoking? lose weight? are you scared of spiders, or the dark?

Quit Bad Habits

Quit Smoking


Stress Reduction