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Essence of Chill is a department of Chill Technology dedicated to Holistic Health, and inner wellbeing. We often ask ourselves what’s wrong with our devices, but it is usually something wrong with us, the human controlling the device. I have a holistic approach to my Technology Support Skills… Gradually, I will move away from Supporting Technology and move closer to using technology in a holistic sense to help the human.

I grew up knowing ‘things’ and ‘stuff’. I knew these things because I was raised with a certain belief structure and core value system. Just like I know my name isn’t “oi you”. It took me a while, a LIFETIME, to understand that these belief systems are there as a guide, and not to follow … Continue reading Belief Structure

Oh Yeah! Even coaches have these moments. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought, what else could I do to resolve what was on my mind, so I got up and decided to watch some meaningless TV. The universe has its way of solving these situations, or enhancing the emotions surrounding them. Yep, hence the *face2palm* … Continue reading Face2Palm Moment

2 words that many people probably don’t know the meaning of actually have a lot of inceptions into our existence. How many times have you made a decision based on what other people are doing, or saying? How many times have you independently done something to make you truly happy without seeking advice or permission … Continue reading Correlation v Causation

I’ve been a bit down lately… exhausting work, being awesome! The worst part about it is the fact that I am not the type of person who sits and dwells on those things that don’t go my way. In fact, I am mostly the opposite. See, it’s my birthday tomorrow and the only thing I … Continue reading Getting UnStuck!

“Ill do it tomorrow” “It is not that bad” “Nothing bad will happen” Caring for the world takes plenty of strength. Passion for the journey is magical. But what happens if the world rejects your care and the journey is blocked by huge obstacles that just wont shift? Being the strong person for everyone doesn’t … Continue reading Making Change

wow, so, who made the school holidays at the same time as tax time! After a little research, I realized that there are so many things happening, and it was better to share those ‘google search results’ than to recreate the wheel – yep, even the master needs to back off a little and go … Continue reading SA School Holidays

A goddess is a female deity in polytheistic religions. Goddesses most often have feminine characteristics that are apotheosise in their pure form. Today’s Blog is aimed at human interaction with themselves ad their own mindset. Social media has taken huge dive in helping kids (mainly young girls) as the use of facebook is becoming common with mere babies now… I am … Continue reading Like a Goddess