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Earlier this year I was pleased to recieve an email promoting Internet Security for KIDS! YES! At last, someone looking out for the little people. I was super intersted in reading their blog, and we all know how I am not a fan of re-inventing wheels. Check it out here:

Thanks to our wholesaler, I am aware of the statistics of SMB (Small to Medium sized Business) that are using technology over 4 years old. You may think “woah, hold-up, that’s not old”, but in human years, it’s not! In technical years, you are barely holding onto any form of reality.

I grew up knowing ‘things’ and ‘stuff’. I knew these things because I was raised with a certain belief structure and core value system. Just like I know my name isn’t “oi you”. It took me a while, a LIFETIME, to understand that these belief systems are there as a guide, and not to follow … Continue reading Belief Structure